Orality: Archive and Sound

Dependencia: Centro de Estudios Mexicanos • UNAM Reino Unido
Tipo: Seminario
Modalidad: A distancia
Área: Humanidades y de las Artes
Descripción: "Voice: the Supreme Human Quality?" is the title of Prof. Ruth Finnegan's (Open University) keynote lecture that inaugurates this seminar. She will be joined by specialists from Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Germany to discuss the challenges faced for the preservation of oral materials. The seminar comprises three sessions lasting no more than 2 hours each, from 14 to 16 October at 16:00 hrs (BST) 17:00 hrs (EU) 10:00 hrs (MX) 12:00 hrs (ARG) Find full programme below. The Material Voice: Archives, Print and Sound is a project funded by the Technological Innovation Projects Fund of the National Autonomous University of Mexico directed by Susana González-Aktories and Mariana Masera. Together with the National Laboratory of Oral Materials (LANMO), they focus on the multidisciplinary study of oral discourse and its manifestations: gestures, sonority, memory, ritual, music and more. Three repositories—The Prints of José Guadalupe Posada, Ibero-American Popular Prints, and Sound Poetics in Mexico— were created with innovative research tools in order to rescue and activate unique Mexican cultural heritage in the field of popular culture, literature and sound. A bilateral Mexican-German research group carries out interdisciplinary research focused on hybrid materials (sound, image, text) from the nineteenth century to the present, held by the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut in Berlin and UNAM in Mexico. The project aims to expand the network and divulge the documents. SUSANA GONZÁLEZ-AKTORIES Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She teaches Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She belongs to the National Mexican Research System (SNI) and received the National Award for Young Scholars in 2005. She is co-founder of both the Music Semiology Seminar (UNAM, 1995-2006) and of the Music and Literature Research Group (2006-2009). She has led various national and international research projects. She has published numerous scholarly articles and books on semiotics, art and comparative literary theory; she has published Antologías poéticas en México (1996), “Muerte sin fin.” Poema en fuga (1997), Sensemayá: juego de espejos entre música y poesía (with Roberto Kolb, 1997), Reflexiones sobre semiología musical (co-edited with Gonzalo Camacho, 2011) and Entre artes/entre actos: ecfrasis e intermedialidad (co-edited with Irene Artigas Albarelli, 2011). MARÍA ANA MASERA-CERUTTI studied at UNAM and at Queen Mary and Westfield College. She is a researcher at the Poetics Centre at UNAM’s Institute for Philological Research and teaches at UNAM’s Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, and at UNAM Morelia. She founded the Lyra Minima Oral Society which holds yearly meetings. She has led numerous national and international projects. She has published and edited numerous articles, chapters and books on orality and popular lyrics in the New Spain. She belongs to the National Research System, the International Hispanists Association, the Lyra Minima scientific committee, the Folklore Network of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters and the Mexican Science Academy. She was the Academic Secretary of UNAM Morelia, and she currently heads the Research Unit on Cultural and Social Representations at UNAM Morelia
Duración: 6 horas.
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