Colonel Siqueiros: the Dynamic Expressionist Militant

Dependencia: Centro de Estudios Mexicanos • UNAM Reino Unido
Tipo: Curso
Modalidad: A distancia
Área: Humanidades y de las Artes
Descripción: A week-long course about David Alfaro Siqueiros, one of Mexico's most celebrated 20th C muralists and political activists. In English. Content: 1) The Mexican Revolution and the formative military career for a Mexican painter. 2) From Italian Futurism to Dynamic Expressionism. 3) The new urban mural of the 20th century: Chair in the United States. 4) Plastic Integration and the Poliangular Mural. 5) Monumental easel and anticipation works.
Duración: 10 horas.
Sede: Zoom
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